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I'm not someone who usually writes reviews even when I'm really happy with a product or a service but I have to share this. If you are looking for a physic, medium or an angel card reader then look no further than Maire! She is extremely gifted in her area of work.   In the last 8 months I have had 3 sessions with Maire including Reiki. I aways feel uplifted and more clear headed after I have seen her. With her help and guidance I have been able to manage all aspects of my life better. Maire is really passionate about what she does and sometimes checks in on me to see how I'm doing which I really appreciate.   I promise you that you won't find any better than Maire.  Marie

Maire is such a valuable resource and support in my life now - she has a true gift to connect to the world beyond the physical and obvious methods of healing and wellbeing.   Maire has helped me with some big life decisions, including helping me deal powerfully with my internal relationship so that the love of my life could come along and lead to now being on route to being happily married.   Marie has also sent healing to my mother who has undergone major surgery and I'm confident this has played a significant role in her speedy recovery. Maire is honest, genuine and caring - there may be many untrustworthy providers of such services in this space; however, I have 100% faith in Maire and highly recommend her. Paramal

Maire is accurate & compassionate & I wanted to leave a testimonial so others know how good she is.  I want to thank her for all the support & readings that have given me.  I feel like I have more clarity and direction to move forward.  She has given me peace of mind.  If you have found this page, you have found an amazing, genuine psychic and incredible perosn.  Mariam

Maire is the best.  Have been to about 3 in lifetime.  All I can say is that she is genuine, doesn't tell you what you want to hear.  Her intention is honourable as she does not to allow dependency for for financial gain (common trait with others), her objective is to help and empower you.  This is a rare and unique trait among psychics.  For this reason I would definitely recommend.   So in short if you want false hopes this is not the lady for you.  If you want a genuine reading here she is,  Natasha

I’ve seen Maire for readings and reiki. For the readings, I have found her to be extremely accurate and insightful, providing lots of accurate evidence for what she has seen. I’ve found her readings to provide a lot of useful insight and help. Her reiki practice has been amazing, very healing, very effective in relieving stress and its physical symptoms.  I strongly recommend her!” Helen

Maire was a fantastic and spot on. She was practical in her reading and helped me by giving me remedies to help me overcome my inner issues. I would definitely would go back to her again and recommend her if you are looking for a way through your problems. Thank you Maire   Manisaha

Marie is one amazing woman I had a reading and reiki healing ,reading was spot on will definitely go back for more ,I would highly recommend her the reiki was unreal have suffered with back and groin pain for years and since I’ve went I’ve had no pain whatsoever ,no need for painkillers since I went which I took every day she truly is a miracle worker with a heart of gold a true angel 😇 😇😇110%👍👍👍    Irene 

Maire is not only amazingly accurate, but she has integrity and sincerely cares about the person she is reading for. Level of service and quality of work is beyond measure. I would definitely recommend Maire to anyone who genuinely needs honest guidance.   Kirti


Máire is on amazingly talented lady who has given me many different types of readings, her abilities to connect on so many levels is outstanding, her healing techniques have helped me on so many different levels, I can not praise Máires work highly enough she is sensational as is her professionalism Samm

Maire is absolutely fantastic. I contacted her after a bereavement and not only did she spend double the time with me as initially things weren’t clear, she walked me all the way home.  She truly cares about clients and I have had sessions with her since. She checks in to see how I am doing and I cannot recommend her enough. A wonderful lady with a huge heart. Naila

The most amazingly accurate and extremely helpful readings. Maire is genuine and straightforward in her approach which makes the reading great for a nudge to make you get back on track. I can’t recommend her highly enough.  Andrea


I’ve known Marie for a number of years, and she has helped me through some difficulties times, you don’t have to say anything for her to know. Marie is truly blessed. Thank you. Annette

Maire is amazingly talented lady who has helped me by giving me many different types of readings, her abilities to calm and connect on so many levels is outstanding, her healing technique has helped me when she wasn’t even I front of me but just on the telephone! Truly an angel sent when I needed her! Honest and upfront person ❤️ Gizmo

Maire has a very special gift. She is a natural psychic, accurate, empathetic and straight talking.

She is passionate about what she does and actually cares about you as a person. I would recommend her to anyone and you won’t be disappointed. Samantha

I couldn’t recommend any more. A lot of people are sceptical about spiritual guidance and mediumship, I know I was quite nervous beforehand but maire put me so at ease. No matter what you’re looking for whether it’s spiritual guidance or tarot card reading she’s honestly wonderful all round and so accurate. 100% worth booking in. Kayleigh Ann

I did not know what to expect. I was amazed to experience reading with such an accuracy and straight to the point. You have saved me a lot of heartaches and took off my pink glasses. With your guidance I have changed my life for better and always will be grateful for being honest. My words can not express gratitude I feel. Thank you. Catherine 

Maire did an entity clearing for me from a bedroom in my house.  She came the same day I called and committed to staying as long as it took.  She is a caring and compassionate person with a genuine gift, which she takes in her stride.  Her no nonsense approach works and I would strongly recommend her and for her bereavement medium skills too, which are most impressive. Nora

I have had a couple of readings and both times the level of accuracy is amazing! Felt relaxed and at ease whilst receiving a professional service from a lady who delivers messages with empathy. 
After going through two bereavements in a week, I left feeling assured that my loved ones are still around me and were at peace.  I would highly recommend as the level of detail and accuracy were spot on. Debbie

Highly recommend Máire Mulcahy ... I’ve been visiting her for a couple of years now and have recommended her to some of my friends recently who haven’t been disappointed x Sara

Máire has been my 'go to' for Psychic Readings for the past 6yrs. She is personable, friendly, compassionate, comical, down-to-earth and above all a natural Medium. I like that she doesn't waste time. As soon as I walk through the door, she is already switched on! Most importantly, I feel comfortable in her company. I love that Máire doesn't dress anything up to what you want to hear. She tells you the truth, and that is exactly what I want. I have never been disappointed. I highly recommend anyone to have a reading with this authentic gem! Ricky

A truly unique gift, the session gave me guidance and peace.  I cannot recommend highly enough.  James

Lovely lady whom will make you feel at ease in an instant,fantastic reader ….Terina

Very accurate reading from the moment I stepped into the room. Amazing, in fact! Rupen

Maire is an excellent medium. Very accurate information and very helpful readings. Pat

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