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I am an honest person with a good heart, who tells the truth, and say what I think – so you get a straight talker. I would like you to take what resonates with you on my website and discard the rest.   We need to go with what we feel and believe.  We need to be ourselves amid the modern jungle.


I have been working as a professional Psychic Medium Reader since 2010.  I like doing readings and assisting people.  Definitely a late starter.  It was really only in my 20’s and 30’s that I found I had the gift of psychic communication and that I could talk to the dead (Spirit – I call them the dead however they are live energy without physical bodies).

Mediums and Psychics are messengers – like sign posts.  We give guidance, and it is up to our clients whether they take it or not.  We are not here to make your decisions for you or tell you what to do. We are there to show you things that may help you make the right decision for you.  We may work very differently but come from the same place just using different tools.  It is not the easiest gift to live with. However, it is a gift, that I use with good intention.

I believe there are changes coming to the Psychic and Mediumship environment, and that many of the new generation are more highly evolved souls than I and many others are, or ever will be.  I hope to advise them at the start of their journey by assisting them to recognise and develop their individual talents.  More importantly, to encourage them to be themselves and not shadows or clones of others.  Trust your instinct, as one of the major issues we have is that we don't trust ourselves and want/need recognition (myself included) from others instead.  If we have skills/abilities that others do not understand, or think are hocus pocus we revert inwards and it causes turmoil within.  However if our talent were singing, we would be allowed to sing.  Therefore we need to develop our own skills even if they are not the norm of the world, use them for good and let our skill and abilities have the freedom they need and yearn for.  Use them in every day life to benefit others and yourself.   You don't need to talk dead people (yes, I call Spirit this, though I believe our bodies die and our soul lives forever) or do psychic readings.  Use your skills .to help you make the right choices, and to help you to know who to trust and who not.  Recognise, when you don't use your psychic (or your gut), mediumship or other sensitive abilities, things go wrong as we are not listening to ourselves, and when we do, they go right.  You may have skills that I and other psychics and mediums have never seen or heard of, don't worry about that, just go one step at a time, be you and love and trust yourself.  


Mediumship is my passion.  It is like bringing friends and family that have passed to tea with the living.  It gives people an opportunity to know that they are okay and they still care.   Yes they are passed and aren't there in physical form, but they are there always around in Spirit.  If we don’t grieve properly, then we carry our deceased that we love as heartache.  This is not what they want.  Spirit want us to go on, cherish their memories but live a full present life and we can never do this as long as we don’t deal with their passing.   It is still okay to hurt years later, but we need to be able to accept death, work through the guilt feelings and know they walk at our side.  I also sincerely encourage anyone struggling with bereavement to consider going to bereavement counselling.

To me Spirit are family, and I talk to Spirit with the same love and respect as I would if they were still on this earth.  I always ask Spirit for evidence, so you can recognise who the person coming through is, by giving details of their character, life, how they passed or a gift they have given. 

No one is 100% accurate, but I do aim to be as accurate as possible and promise to give my best in each reading.  Spirit will bring who is needed to come through, not always who you wish to come through.

I also do readings for love, work and relationship.   These are usually guided by Spirit passed.  It is like we live on earth in a goldfish bowl; with Spirit outside so they can see where we struggle.  They can give advice.  People like me are just messengers or sign posts.  It is then your choice to take the advice or not.  It is your life and they are your decisions. This can be hard, so I provide guidance from Spirit to help.  However, you need to take control of your life, and your power with what is given in a reading and do what is right for you😊

The tree's and butterflies on my website are there to represent life cycles and rebirth.  I would like to thank Cheryl de la Hoyde (artist) for these beautiful drawings.


I hope you enjoy the website.  


Best wishes to you.  

Máire (Irish for Mary/Maura)

Pink Butterfly Represents Rebirth
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